Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Day 19

Day 109

It rained on Monday, so we stayed home. I did a bunch of laundry. This is not at all interesting or exciting, so here are some general growth-and-development-related tidbits.

Soren's started to ask about the names of things. Much of it, I'm sure, is the result of us sitting and pointing at things (animals, articles of clothing, vehicles) in his various books and asking, "What's that?" Now when we're in the store, or driving around, or looking at a magazine, he'll whip out a pointer finger and ask, "Whazzat?", often at fairly frequent intervals. And once the item in question has been named, he'll repeat the name. It's cute and funny, and a few times I've found myself challenged to come up with one- or two-word names for things on the fly. ("Um, those are road construction barrel marker things...")

If Eleri could talk, I suspect she'd also be asking, "Whazzat?" when we hold her in front of a mirror. Such a sight to behold! Two Mommies! Two Daddies! And why is that baby they're holding all cold and flat when I touch her hand with mine? Hehe. That expression of puzzlement on the face of a baby just figuring out mirrors is pretty amusing.

It's been, I believe, a week since Soren last had a nap (one lasting more than a few minutes, anyway). Bedtime, over the past week or two, has gotten a lot easier. I won't give his naplessness all of the credit for this improvement, but I do think it deserves the bulk of it. What a difference it makes when he's actually sleepy at bedtime, instead of just tired, or even overtired and wired. I also think that the "Going to Bed" book I made for him is having a positive effect. Several of the sleep gurus recommend putting together a little book with pictures of your kid going through the stages of his or her bedtime routine. It's supposed to help cement the routine in his mind, reinforcing the idea that A leads to B leads to C leads to sleep. So I think going through the pictures with him every evening has been helping, too. He still wakes up crying a few nights a week, but he's been easier to settle back in his own bed, and falling asleep in the first place has been largely without fights or crying or flailing or needing to be physically restrained. Most mornings he wakes up quietly around 5 or 6am and comes padding into our room, where he goes to Tom's side of the bed and says, "Up, Daddy. Up peese."

Anyway, this is all a very big improvement over where we were a month ago with the sleep issues. I do wish he'd still take a nap during the day, as his afternoons can be a little difficult until he hits his second (or third, or fourth) wind, but I'll take a few crying jags at 4pm if it means he will fall asleep largely unassisted and with minimal fuss in 15 or 20 minutes instead of 90 with extended periods of wailing, thrashing and sweating.

One of my current favorite animal noises to ask Soren to imitate is that of a crab. When you ask him what a crab says, he replies in a tiny voice, "Pinch, pinch" while making a pinching motion with his hand.


ACJC said...

I think we need a video of Soren's animal noises...including elephant :)

susan said...

I'll see what I can do.

Tom said...

Don't forget chewbacca