Thursday, April 15, 2010

Whoo! Caught up!

Day 8

Day 98

Playgroup at the park! It was a gorgeous morning, weather-wise. Ever so slightly brisk when we left the house around 9:30, and then it warmed up considerably, but stopped before it actually got unpleasant. There's something about a slightly cool morning that reminds me of summer camp. Even though it was summertime, it was usually quite chilly in the mornings as we stumbled down the hill to feed our horses before breakfast (or, in later years, bribed younger campers to feed our horses for us). Anyhow, it was nice that it was warm enough this morning to play outside, but not so warm that I felt bad about putting Eleri in a long sleeved shirt and pants to protect her from the sun.

Soren ran and played and discovered dandelions for the first time. I showed him how to blow away the seed pods, which he thought was pretty great. He also tried to eat one. Less great, that. ;) It was a park we'd only been to once before, when Soren was about 16 months old. I was struck by how much less scary the bigger play structures seemed this time, now that he's bigger and has better balance. I still think the gaps they have on either side of the stairs, even on the smaller structure, are unnecessarily hazardous, but I was a lot less worried about him accidentally falling to his doom this time. Eleri returned to her usual morning nap schedule and slept in the pouch the whole time, waking up to eat right before we were ready to leave.

After lunch, we attempted some quiet time in Soren's room, but he was just too crazy, running around and playing with noisy toys...noisily. Plus he kept wanting to pounce on Eleri, who had only just fallen asleep in her chair. So I gave in to temptation and held him still on the mattress next to me. Lo and behold, he went from manic to unconscious in about five minutes flat, and then proceeded to sleep for two hours. Eleri even woke up before he did. After he'd been out for about 90 minutes, I opened up the curtains again and started moving around at "regular volume" (as opposed to "ohmigod don't wake the kids volume"), even putting the Eleri pouch in the dryer where it clunked and clanked. Soren slept through all of that for half an hour, and then I went in to try and wake him up gently, as it was nearing 5pm. He sat up, looked at me, turned away and laid back down! This was some unusual sleep persistence. I left him alone again, and he woke up on his own all calm and happy about five minutes later. Most unusual, and most welcome.

Little did I know this would come back to bite us at bedtime. Two. And a half. Hours. It took, to get him to sleep. Ugh. Not a horrible amount of screaming, thank goodness, but the flopping, my god, the flopping! I could really do without all of that.

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ACJC said...

Is he old enough for Tylenol PM? It keeps me from flopping :)
P.S. I'm still waiting for a pink outfit picture...