Friday, April 30, 2010

Call it a jellofish , I guess

Day 23

Day 113

Soren seemed marginally more interested in his rec center class this week. He did one of the craft projects almost entirely on his own and didn't run around quite as much during story time. His teacher was all impressed that he identified the letter U, unprompted. I resisted the urge to point out that he's known the alphabet since about 17 months, and even though he acts like a little ADHD spaz in class, he's truly not an idiot. Because yeah, I may be the mother of the class maniac who's only barely above licking the walls, but I will not also be the mother who proclaims what a genius her little wall-licker actually is.

(Yes, I know he's just barely two and is more or less simply acting his age. If I were actually worried about him in any way I wouldn't be writing so cavalierly about all this.)

Anyway, the one craft that he did nearly without any assistance was making a paper jellyfish. The kind of neat part about this craft was that instead of painting the jellyfish with paint, the kids sprinkled dry jello powder on the paper and then ran a wet paintbrush through it. It turned out looking pretty cool. And it kept his attention for a while, which was just fine by me.

After class we went to retrieve Eleri from A's house and hung out there for a few hours. The boys won't get to see each other for about a week, so they had to get in some good quality playing. They're so funny sometimes, mimicking each other. Tom & I noticed the other night that Soren's picked up some of A's inflections, and it doesn't take much at all for A to start copying Soren's various misbehaviors.

When it was time for A's nap, we took our leave and did some grocering on the way home. As a result, we were out of the house from about 9:45 til after 4:00, which is kind of a long day for us. Poor Eleri didn't get anywhere near her usual amount of napping, so she was pretty overcooked in the evening. She finally fell asleep while I was at the gym, napped for a couple of hours and is currently having some fun playtime with Dad while I blog. We're hoping she decides it's time for bed soon.

Tomorrow I go back to the barn to start riding lessons again! I'm very excited. Yay for horsing!


Sara said...

Yea for riding!!

Megan said...

OH! The headband is back!

susan said...

Hehe. I just wear it to keep my hair out of my face when exercising ;)

madre said...

I see you now have the ottoman tied to the chair as well :)

susan said...

Yeah. We did that not long after you left.