Monday, April 19, 2010



Day 10

Day 100

Man, this weekend went by fast. Tom was gone for most of the day on Saturday. (Boo.) The car has long been overdue for a tune-up, so we finally got it scheduled for this weekend, and it was a nearly-all-day affair. So that was a bummer. A necessary chore, though. Hopefully now we won't have to jump start the darned thing every time we sit with the dome light on for ten minutes.


Day 11

Day 101

Sunday Tom had soccer practice in the afternoon. He took the metro over to the park, but then we went to pick him up after practice. There was a nice little playground right near the field, so we went a little early so Soren could run around and play on the slides before it was time to head home.

Very little else to report on the weekend, so enjoy these pictures of the cutest kids ever. ;)

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