Sunday, May 02, 2010

Adventures in toddler-proofing

Sometimes it feels as though we're fighting a never ending battle to prevent Soren from pulling things off every shelf, out of every cabinet and drawer, and spreading them around the house. In addition to the usual assortment of cabinet locks and doorknob slip-grip-deals, we've ended up devising quite a few homemade means of toddler proofing. And by "we" I mean "mostly Tom."

Up first were bars for the bookshelves. Unfortunately, he can still slip some items out (especially from the CD shelf) but these do keep textbooks from ending up on the floor.

Where bars weren't enough, we resorted to a slightly less elegant solution. It's not quite as pretty, but it provides better coverage.

Our hall closet doors are held closed with a hook-and-eye lock and braced with a wooden dowel.

Our entertainment center used to be a favorite play area of the boy's. He was forever changing channels on our cable box, messing with the audio settings, turning the Wii and Xbox on and off. So Tom built some doors. He had to drill a few holes so the remote controls will still work with the doors shut.

Last to be modified was our computer desk. Initially, Tom installed little hook-and-loop hasps on the sides of the drawers. They're on the side nearest the wall, so they aren't especially noticeable.

Soren eventually discovered them, though, so the DVDs contained in those drawers were once again vulnerable to strewing. More drastic measures were in order.

Soren hasn't figured out the puzzle lock yet, so we remain one step ahead of him at this point. It is, however, only a matter of time until we'll have to up the ante again.


Anonymous said...

These lend a whole new meaning to "toddler-proofing"....Great Job!
I may borrow a few ideas to keep Buddy out of my cabinets! Yes, he opens cabinets with ease... :)

*Desi*Ferguson* said...

While my children were younger, if I were to shop for an entertainment center, I *refused* to buy one without glass in the front to protect all the electronics! LOL

I have also used the hook and eye locks for closet doors. I never knew what to do about the bookshelves, though. Good thinking!