Tuesday, May 04, 2010

And Eleri napped for 3 1/2 hours in the middle of the afternoon

Day 27

Day 117

Oh boy, did we have some fun around here, today.

Playgroup met at the park this morning. Soren was remarkably well-behaved, playing happily and running around without making me chase him back to the playground. He made a couple of runs for the bramble bushes, but I was able to coax him back without having to physically retrieve him. Eleri slept for a little while but spent most of the hour there awake and looking all around.

For a fun springtime activity, each of the kids was given a cup with one of those starter soil puck things, which they then puffed up with water and planted a couple of sunflower seeds in. This was all well and good; Soren enjoyed watching the dirt puck "grow," and I figured I'd transfer the sunflowers (once they sprouted) into a pot on the balcony. Unfortunately, I totally Mommy-brained the bundling of the children in the car after playgroup was over, stuck the sunflower cup on the roof temporarily, and then drove off. Oh well. We may be able to get replacement flowers next time.

As part of the work they're doing on our building this week, half of our windows got washed today. One of those windows was the one in Soren's room. I'm not sure who was more entertained, the boy or the window washer. ;) It was definitely a highlight of Soren's day.

Every time we've watched that video this afternoon, he's busted up laughing at himself laughing in the video. How very meta. Hehe.

Funny Soren quotes from the day:

"Bee-bo, nasty!" (pointing at Tom's belly button)
"To me? To me, peese?" (reaching out for the iPod)
"Baby Soren dancing!" (looking at this picture)


ACJC said...

Your child is brilliant.

susan said...

He's a clever little git.