Friday, May 21, 2010

Anniversary stuff

Day 43

Day 133

Tom totally won at gift-giving this anniversary. I got him a fruit pie and some ties, since the traditional 4th anniversary gift is fruit/flowers, and one of the modern options is linen/silk/nylon. Maybe it's silly, but I've had fun so far trying to stick to the standard gift lists.

But Tom went and got me a Flip camera. Um, winner! It's so cool. (Thursday's photos are in fact stills from video I shot using my new toy.)

We made it out of the house for the first time this week. Soren's just about outgrown his current stash of pjs, and with summer fast approaching, he's due for a larger pair of swim trunks & rash guard, as well. Off to the store(s) we went. And you know what was totally fun? Soren's old enough now to pick the things he wants, so I'd give him two or three things to choose between (too many options can be a little overwhelming), and he'd select his favorite. Way entertaining.

In the evening we went to Tom's soccer game. Soren was very amused at first, watching from the mezzanine. He eventually got bored and figured out how to get through the door connecting the two halves of the viewing areas. The other half looks into a gymnasium (like, for gymnastics), where a bunch of kids were flipping and spinning and doing other gymnasticky things. I was really surprised that Soren wasn't the least bit intrigued by all the goings on. Nope, he just wanted to get to the stairs leading down to the ground floor. So we wandered a bit, then watched some more of the game, then wandered some more. I got a little bit of the first half on video, though I was unfortunately in kind of a bad position to see Tom playing goalie, as he was more or less directly below us. But I think I caught a few of Soren's adorable exclamations ("Whoa! Ball! Yeah!") so I'll see what I can do about getting a snippet or two of that uploaded.

Eleri is making more developmental strides. Tom was remarking the other day that she's a little behind where Soren was in some areas at this same age. To be sure, Soren was better at sitting up and standing by now, but Eleri laughed earlier, rolled over earlier (though she hasn't been as consistent about doing it), and seems to be more of a talker. Also, I would trade all the early standing in the world for her ability to (not always, but a lot of the time) put herself to sleep.

In the wee hours of Thursday morning, when she woke me up for more food, I reached over to discover that she was not only spun around in bed, with her head where her feet had been, but flipped over onto her stomach. This was momentarily very confusing, as I thought her legs were her arms and couldn't figure out why they were stuck reaching above her head, and then Ohgodherheadisgone! (Hey, you try being immediately lucid at 4am.)

Also on Thursday evening, she managed to voluntarily direct her feet into her hands for (I think) the first time. Up to now it's been more like, "Hey, those things are cool. I wonder if I can grab them. Oh, here they come! Wait, where are they going? Come back! Oh, here they are again! And there they go." Hehe. I'm sure the foot-chewing will commence very soon, now.

Friday's post will go up probably sometime Sunday. We're headed out this afternoon for a fun overnight trip to Chincoteague and Assateague islands! Whee!


madre said...

How very fun - what a great place to go!!!!

ACJC said...

No way! I guess I didn't realize they truly existed :)

Sara said...

Yea for Tom's gift that means we get more videos!