Friday, May 07, 2010

Beach Park revisited

Day 29

Day 119

Just about 13 months ago (two days after Soren's first birthday) we attended our first playgroup event at a park near Old Town called Beach Park. Oddly enough, we never managed to make it back over there, until yesterday. It was kind of amusing, though not very surprising, to see how much more 2 year old Soren got out of the park than 1 year old Soren did. There was much more climbing and running this time, and no attempted eating of sand or mulch. My only real gripe with the park is that they didn't see fit to put the playground equipment in the shady areas. So the kids all got pretty warm pretty fast, as it was a very sunny morning. But we hung around for a bit more than an hour and had a decent enough time.

In the afternoon, miracle of miracles, Soren took a nap again! I went in and woke him up after an hour and a half so as to hopefully avoid any bedtime wildness, but he probably would have kept right on sleeping if I'd let him. I really hope this keeps up!

Eleri was super giggly and smiley almost all day. She's still freezing up when I point the camera at her, though, so I've had a hard time capturing the cuteness in video form. I'll keep working at it.

I bought a reverse mount adapter thing for my camera, which allows me to turn my regular 50mm lens into a macro lens by flipping it around and mounting it on the camera backwards. It arrived yesterday afternoon, so I had a little bit of fun playing around with that. By flipping the lens around, you lose the ability to use autofocus, so the only way to focus your subject is to adjust your distance from it. You also lose the ability to adjust the aperture, resulting in a super narrow depth of field, as evidenced by this picture:

I'm looking forward to playing around with it some more, though. Macro photography can be pretty fun.


Amy said...

love the foot in the air :)

MC Squared said...

That makes your nifty 50 even niftier!

susan said...

I agree with both of these ;)