Monday, May 03, 2010

Fresh starts, new beginnings...and brisket


Day 24

Day 114

Saturday morning I got to go riding for the first time since last July. It was quite a warm day, but not too muggy. I got to ride a fun pony named Dixon. No great surprise, I'm quite sore afterward, but it's worth it. :) Conveniently, my lesson time coincides nicely with Eleri's morning nap, so that makes things a little easier for Tom.


Day 25

Day 115

While Tom & Soren were out running errands on Sunday, and Eleri was napping, I took the opportunity to gather up all my maternity clothes, get them bagged and ready to take to Goodwill. Between the nursing and the (more) frequent exercising, I'm not fitting in most of my pants anymore, so after lunch I went out in search of some replacements.

In the evening we had Max over for dinner. He made a tasty, tasty brisket & mashed potatoes, and Tom sauteed up some Brussels sprouts and baked some biscuits. I had picked up a delicious raspberry tart from Trader Joe's while I was out (seriously...yum), so we had ourselves a fine little feast.

Also on Sunday evening, our good friends the Cachews welcomed baby Grace into the world. I know they're going to be terrific parents (well, as of last night, already are), and I couldn't be happier for them. Congratulations! :)

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