Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fridays are so full of fun

Day 37

Day 127

Another rec center class in the morning. This was, what, our fifth week, I think? Soren's tolerating the crafts a little better, and I've learned not to try and force him to sit up front at story time. He's happy to stay at his table, or maybe wander up for a minute or two and then come back.

His buddy A started a class this week that runs at the same time as our class, so the boys got to play on the playground together afterward. Normally Soren runs around for five or ten minutes, goes down the slide a few times and then is done. This week, though, the two of them played and played for a solid hour. (A's mom told me later that he took a 4 hour nap after they got home. Soren, on the other hand...took no nap at all.)

After lunch, Soren had some fun playing with his trike on the balcony while Eleri slept. I shot a little video and, for kicks, added some subtitles.

In the evening, we had a pretty nice thunderstorm (the first one of the year, I believe). I've never had much luck photographing lightning in the past, but I managed to catch a fairly awesome shot this time, if I do say so myself.


ACJC said...

susan said...

Glad you like it :)

Sara said...

haha I love the subtitles and "there's a forklift!" I agree best video ever