Friday, May 28, 2010


Day 50

Day 140

Eleri is one funny little lass. Since the discovery of her toes as the best chew toys EVER, she's been cracking me up in the morning when I change her out of her pjs. The moment her leg is free, she immediately grabs her foot and pulls it to her mouth, and I'm sure if she could talk she'd be saying something along the lines of *gasp* Toes! I haven't seen you all night! I missed you soooo much! Nom nom nom... It's hilarious.

She's also getting the whole blowing raspberries thing figured out, but she still looks so surprised every time she manages to make the noise. Tom & I find it quite delightful.

Thursday morning we checked out another new (to us) park. It's pretty neat, set down quite a ways from the street in what - according to the parks & rec website - used to be a large gravel pit. There's a big paved area to ride trikes and scooters and the like, and a nice sand pit, plus the usual assortment of swings and slides and jungles gym. And even though it was quite a warm morning, there was enough shade that we didn't all completely melt away.

All tuckered out from his morning gallavanting, Soren fought and fought and refused to take a nap. Until he fell asleep on his own at 3:45. D'oh. I let him sleep for half an hour, but even that proved to be too much. He's been doing really well at bedtime lately, falling asleep pretty quickly and staying in his own room for at least half the night. Last night, though, it took over an hour for him to settle down enough to fall asleep. Grr. He did, however, then proceed to sleep right through a rather intense thunderstorm. Eleri did, too. I was very surprised! And grateful. ;)

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