Monday, May 31, 2010

In which I disagree with They Might Be Giants

Day 51

Day 141

Fridays I do not detest, not even a little. Yay for Fridays!

We had Soren's rec center class in the morning, of course. Eleri's such a good baby. She slept in the car on the way over and woke up right as we got there. She chilled in the front pack the whole time, just looking around, not making a peep. Soren was not super well behaved, but he wasn't too bad either. He did a good job stringing (large) beads on to a pipe cleaner to make a bracelet. And he sure loves painting with those ink dot things people use for BINGO. Yes, he also did some running around and trying to open cabinets, and during the song-and-dance portion of the class, when the instructor had them doing an activity with bean bags ("Put the bean bag on your on your on your back..." etc.), all Soren wanted to do was take everyone else's bean bags and put them away. He even walked up to a little girl who had 2 bean bags, pointed at the orange one and said, "Orange one, please?" He was very, very happy to help the instructor collect and put them away when the song was over. And he had a grand time playing with the parachute. He's continuing to get a little better with each week, a little more engaged, while still maintaining the title of class troublemaker. ;)

After some running around with A after class, Soren was pretty filthy. The mulch surface of the playground was muddy and puddle-ridden, and the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves scooping up big handfuls of sodden wood chips. I got him as cleaned up as possible (there is only so much you can do with wet wipes) and we made our way home. Tom got set free early for the holiday weekend, which was great.

On Wednesday I started this Couch-to-5k running program. My second workout was Friday, and halfway through I started feeling ouchy from my shin splints again. Frustrating! I'm tempted to stick with it and just back waaaaay off on my speed (more or less putt along at enough of a jog to get my heart rate up just a wee bit without putting too much stress on my legs) because frankly, I am not sure at this point if the shin splints will ever go away completely, no matter how much time I take off. So we'll see. If I can do the next workout on Monday without much discomfort, I'll keep at it. If not, I guess it's back to the pool or something.

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