Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A little better all the time

Day 35

Day 125

Since my first rather ill-fated attempt to let Soren run around at the mall play area after our Wednesday stroller walk, I've been giving him another crack at it about once a month. Today, finally, he was incredibly well behaved! He didn't run away or sprint for the escalators once, and he played nicely with the other kids, and we were actually the last to leave because he played for a good half hour without getting bored. I was so impressed. (As were the other moms, who are well aware of Soren's penchant for running off.)

I didn't manage to get a nap out of the lad this afternoon, but he was in a pretty good mood for the most part. He happily sat on his tricycle out on the balcony with me while I restarted my little herb garden. He enjoyed it so much that I let him sit out there for quite a bit longer while I sat on the floor just inside the door and did some reading.

I've been better this week about keeping both kids in cloth diapers the majority of the time. It had gotten away from me for a little while. But Eleri actually does a lot better overnight in a pocket diaper; the disposables seem to leak really badly on her when she does her midnight gymnastics. It's just about time for the potty training to begin in earnest though, for the lad. I'm kind of dreading it. It'll be great to not have to change two kids' diapers, of course, but it's not going to be an easy road, getting there.


Jen said...

You make cute kids. I like the swirly cowlick on the back of Soren's head.

susan said...

They've actually both got one. I fear this will make for some complicated adventures in hair styling as Eleri gets older.