Thursday, May 06, 2010

More hilarious every day

Day 28

Day 118

Wednesday was full of Soren gems. Most notably, he tried to put Leo in time-out when he (Leo) climbed up on the computer chair. Later, when he was playing by himself in his room, I could hear him running through a whole Dora adventure on his own. ("Where go next, Dora?" "Need your help!" "Stand up. Up-up-up!" "Where are we going? Soren's house!" "Say map. Say map!") Still later, I was emptying the dishwasher, and Soren started identifying items not by name but by what they were used for.

"For noodles!" (a saucepan)
"For Daddy's!" (the cup Tom's been using for ice cream recently)
"For nuggets!" (one of the small plates I usually microwave his chicken nuggets on)

And even later still, after dinner, we took him out to ride his tricycle around in the parking lot. After identifying and (almost correctly) counting some traffic cones, he said as he rode away from them, "Bye-bye cones. Good night cones! Sweet dreams, cones!" Hehehehe.

Bedtime continues to be much improved. And he even managed an hour-long nap yesterday afternoon, and he still fell asleep easily at bedtime. Yay! Tom & I have been so grateful for the major decrease in drama at night. Now if I could make this hour-long nap a regular thing, that would be super awesome.


Tom said...

Dude, that'd be sweet

MC Squared said...

Eleri is looking cuter every day. What a sweetheart.