Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our little giantess

Day 34

Day 124

Following in her brother's footsteps, Eleri continues to ride the top curve of the growth charts. At her checkup this morning, she weighed in at 16 lbs, 4.3 oz (> 95%), measured 26 inches in length (90-95%), with a head circumference of 17 inches (95%). By comparison, Soren was about half an inch longer and half a pound heavier, at this age. We grow em big! The doctor said she'd be surprised if Eleri's eyes don't stay blue at this point, so that's kind of neat. And the lass was such a good girl getting her shots; she'd already stopped crying by the time I sat down with her to nurse her. She's a tough cookie.

We were originally going to see about going to the farmers' market after Eleri's appointment, but it was kind of chilly out and was due to rain later in the day, and I figured Eleri would be happier to go home and have a nap, so home we went. I was surprised and pleased when both kids took substantial naps in the afternoon. Score!

I wanted to preserve some of Soren's creative pronunciations, since he's getting better and better at saying words correctly. I'm not one for "baby talk" generally, but some of his early words and ways of saying things were damned cute. There was of course the classic "apple / meemya", and his backward(ish) "drink / kya." I loved that he used to say "munch" instead of "lunch," and it's taken him a while but he's finally got "helicopter" down (instead of "hah-pah-teh-tuh"). Currently in the Soren lexicon:

Motorcycle = (started as) Moseycycle -> (now is) Moleycycle
Tomatoes = Pah-tee-toes
Noodles = Noo-noos
Arriba = Abeeba (Thank you, Dora.)
Magnets = Mehmets (which is also how he says Monsters)
Juggle = Judgle

He's a cute one. :)


susan said...

I forgot about blueberry = blowblee. ;)

*Desi*Ferguson* said...

One of my boys used to call the kitchen "chicken" and Eli calls Cocoa Puffs "Chookoo Pops". lol

susan said...