Monday, May 31, 2010

Remember that video I promised?

Of Soren eating a lemon? Here it is.

(Let me know if anyone has trouble watching that, or if it's super laggy, or takes forever to load, or whatever. I'm hoping because it's up on YouTube that it won't be too slow or whatever, even though it's large.)

Friday's post, the weekend's post, more pictures, more videos...all coming soon!


ACJC said...

"No more e-lemon" hahahahahahahahahaha

madre said...

HAHAHAHAHAAAA...great capture!!!

susan said...

As Tom just reminded me, he'd already done this twice before I pulled out the camera. So it's not as though the taste of the lemon was a huge surprise to him by this point. ;)

MC Squared said...

Re: Shin Splints

They will go away. Take it easy for a few weeks.