Saturday, May 08, 2010

Resisting a rest

Day 30

Day 120

Soren continues to do a little bit better at his rec center class each week. At the beginning of class this week, each kid was given a packet of M&Ms to sort by color and then count. Way to pick a super distracting activity first thing! Heh. Fortunately, Soren's never eaten M&Ms before, so for a while I had him convinced they were just colored beads and not edible. And he did a great job putting them into piles by color. Eventually, however, he saw enough of the other kids eating their "beads," so I couldn't keep up the charade. I let him eat a couple of M&Ms at the very end of class, and he was quite impressed.

Back home for lunch, our little goof got beans all over his face. When I pulled out the camera to take the above picture, he made that face and held it for several seconds until I snapped the photo. Little ham. ;)

Our great two day nap streak was broken. Weirdly, it was Eleri, who usually takes to her afternoon nap like a cat to dinnertime, who was not feeling the naptime vibes. By the time I finally got her to settle down and fall asleep, Soren had gone past his window of tiredness. Oh well.

As I've more or less exhausted the supply of YouTube videos Soren watches on a regular basis, I'm going to do my best to post actual kid videos once a week on Fridays instead. Hopefully by making it a regular thing, I'll be more motivated to work my way through the backlog of videos I've got on our hard drive. ;) For this week, we've got Soren on his trike, being all cute.


Anonymous said...

5 cones!

Grandpa J

MC Squared said...

He was clearly counting braces on the item behind the cones.