Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ride-jer bike?

Day 47

Day 137

Language acquisition is funny. Because we tend to ask Soren, "Do you want to ride your bike?" he in turn doesn't say, "I want to ride my bike." Instead, he asks us, "Soren ride your bike?" though I think it's less of a my/your mixup than a simple misunderstanding, because he kind of slurs it together ("ride-jer bike"). Amusing, in any case.

Monday morning, A and his mom came over, and the boys rode their trikes outside for a while. A's had his trike for a few months longer than Soren, so he's got a pretty good handle on how to ride it. He's good at using the pedals and can actually get going pretty fast. I think Soren was a little in awe. They traded after a while, and Soren gave the pedals a try, but he still had a little trouble with the coordination.

When they got bored with riding, we went over to the playground (the one on-site) to play on the slides and swings. Some workers were doing a bit of maintenance, replacing one of the ride-on toys, and Soren ran right up and stole their shovel. He gave it back without a fuss though, and they seemed to think it was pretty funny.

Soren naps are still hard to come by around here, these days, so after A went home for naptime, we went out to pick up a few things from Target. Naturally - 4pm, warm, sitting in the car - Soren passed out less than 5 minutes from our destination. He perked up again in the store, though. As we walked around, he was singing a little to himself. Eventually, I recognized that he was singing "Mrs. Robinson," which was super cute. He and the cashier had a little "Hey-hey-hey, whoa whoa whoa" exchange that was also adorable.

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