Friday, May 14, 2010

Some snippets of the day

Day 36

Day 126

Went to the playground in the morning. I was telling someone how cool it was that Soren's started listening to me a little more. Usually he'll go bolting for the swings, completely heedless that he's in danger of being clocked in the head by someone's shoes, and none of my shouts or warnings will deter him. But yesterday! Not just once, but several times he started toward the swings, and I called out to stay away from them, and he actually changed direction and continued on a less perilous trajectory! I was all pleased and proud. And then, when we'd been there about an hour, he opened the gate and bolted into the parking lot, completely ignoring me (and all the other moms) hollering at him to stop. Sigh. (At least there was no traffic in the lot at the time and he went directly to our car. Still.)

Later in the day, I was sitting with Eleri on my lap, and Soren was sitting beside us. All of a sudden, Eleri decided that whatever Soren was saying was very funny. He kept repeating some word (sight? slide? side? there wasn't really any context, so I'm not sure) and each time she'd give a little giggle. And he had figured out that she was finding this amusing, so he kept doing it. It was like the opposite of a vicious circle. Some kind of circle of cute. Precious is really the only word for it.

Positive reinforcement of good behavior has several benefits. For one thing, it seems to definitely help promote further good behavior. For another, it sometimes leads to moments like this: I was scrubbing a hairball up off the carpet, when Soren suddenly said, "Mommy! Good job!" Hehehe.

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