Sunday, May 09, 2010

Someday you'll understand

"Someday you'll understand..." she told me, when I bitched about curfews or rolled my eyes at her request that I call to check in. When she told me to be careful, and I said, "I know, Mom, jeez." When I railed against the injustice of not being allowed to go to a concert or stay out late on a school night or get a tattoo. "Someday you'll understand."

Kids love their parents. (Yes, teenagers love their parents too, even as they rebel against them.) But children cannot fathom the depth of the love their parents have for them. Before you are a parent yourself, you might think it's like the love you have for a treasured pet, but it's bigger than that.

This little person who at times infuriates you, doesn't appreciate you, doesn't listen to you, is someone you would go to the ends of the earth to protect. If keeping them safe means sometimes having to make some hard choices for them, well...someday they'll understand.

You were right, Mom. I finally understand. I love you, too. Happy Mother's Day. :)


MC Squared said...

Even I gave your mom grief about worrying too much, which she called me out for after my last blog post.

Okay, okay, it's starting to get clearer!

Happy Mother's Day Madre!

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Susan! XOXOXOX Yaya

madre said...

You two are the best! The next surprising wave of love that happens is when you get to see your children become parents themselves. To relive that new parent love through their eyes mingled with the grandparent love - it's really quite something. Someday you'll understand ;)