Friday, May 28, 2010

Soren versus the big boy underpants

Day 49

Day 139

Soren was really good again this week, playing at the mall after our stroller walk. There were some other boys there about his age, and he was very quick to go say, "Hi!" and try to play with them. Such a social little dude.

Last week, one of the times we were at the store, I had Soren pick out a package of "big boy underpants" to buy. We've been reading his potty training book just about every day, and he's seemed interested in the concept of wearing them, so I figured it was time to make the purchase. So we got them washed and put away in his closet, and I told him when he was ready to try them out, then we'd do that. Then on Wednesday afternoon, apropos of nothing, Soren asked about them. So on they went.

I set a timer, and every 15 minutes we had potty time. It worked pretty well for the first hour, but then I think he grew bored with the endeavor and seemed to stop trying. No outright fully soaked accidents, but the next 3 potty times we had to change his unders after. But hey, I'll take it for a start! We'll keep trying it a little every day or two and see how it goes.


Tom said...

Bew duh denedew bedenenedenewnew

ACJC said...

You should try potty training both of them at the same time...just get it over with ;)

susan said...

Tom - I figured you'd get the reference ;)

Amy - Hehe.

Tom said...

He totally looks like he's on a mission there ;)