Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Splish splash

Day 48

Day 138

Tuesday morning we had a backyard playdate. The hosts had some flat bins filled with water and a spray mat, so we put the kids in swimsuits and let them have some watery fun. It was a great day for it - overcast but not chilly - and Soren seemed to have a lot of fun. Eleri was in fine spirits and was perfectly content to let some of the other moms hold her when I needed to change Soren's diaper or get something from the car. She seems to be just as sociable as her brother, which is a good thing. :)

At lunchtime, Soren was sitting in his high chair apparently reliving earlier fun on the slides, as he kept repeating to himself, "Scoot, scoot, whoo! Scoot, scoot, whoo!" Goofball.

He's got several of his books nearly memorized and was going through some of them, one after the other, in the afternoon, "reading" to himself and Eleri. I got a tiny bit of it on video. Very cute.


ACJC said...

Next week I'll be putting together a book of new books to memorize :)

ACJC said...

or a BOX of new books...either way...

susan said...