Sunday, May 16, 2010

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Day 38

Day 128

Saturday morning we discovered that our fridge wasn't working. No light when we opened the door, and it definitely didn't feel as cold as it should have. Great. Everything else in the kitchen was working fine, so it didn't at first appear to be an electrical issue. Nothing screams "Weekend! Whoooo!" like having to call up your landlord on a Saturday morning to inform him you need a new refrigerator, like, fast (so all your food doesn't go bad).


The subsequent discovery was made that neither of our bathroom lights were working. A quick call down to the site management office confirmed that there was indeed some sort of electrical problem with our building, but only certain lines were affected. Tom managed to get our fridge plugged into a different outlet, whereupon it started humming and doing its (chilly) thing again. Food spoilage crisis averted. I left for my riding lesson.

Traffic was worse than usual, and for no apparent reason. Fun. I arrived ten or so minutes late and hurried to get situated and out to the ring. I was assigned to a horse I hadn't met before, and when I entered his stall to put his bridle on, he immediately pinned his ears back, bared his teeth at me, and started striking out with a foreleg. Um, okay. I had already started to back out of the stall when he charged at me with hate in his eyes and, no doubt, murder in his heart. WTF, horse? I ended up snagging one of the working students, who was passing by at that moment, and asked if he was always like this. She offered to help and got him bridled for me. (He did not try to kill her.)

We ended up having a decent enough ride. Once I was on his back he either felt resigned to his duty or grew bored with thoughts of Sue-icide because while he was a bit of a stinker at times, he didn't do anything dangerous. He was a little tougher than the pony I'd ridden the past two weeks, so by the end of the lesson I felt like I'd accomplished something by getting him to more or less do what we needed to do.

Later in the afternoon, power was completely cut off to our building in order (I guess) to repair the busted transformer that was to blame for our earlier electrical woes. So we packed up the kids, headed out to run a quick errand, then picked up dinner to eat picnic-style at the park. It was a gorgeous afternoon/evening, really perfect picnicking weather. Soren & Tom played on the playground after dinner, while Eleri and I chilled on the grass. 'Twas very relaxing. And we were much relieved to find that all the lights/cable/etc were on when we returned home.


Day 39

Day 129

Today we did our usual chores and erranding. This was after sleeping in unusually late. We were all up for a little while in the early morning and then somehow managed to all go back to sleep until almost ten! I can't remember the last time that's happened. Poor Soren's had a bit of a cold all weekend, so I'm assuming his mild sickliness is to blame thank for his ability to sleep past 8am.

In the evening, Tom had Eleri giggling, and I actually manged to catch some of it on video. (Soren's listening to "The Bloodmobile" by They Might Be Giants in the background.) Enjoy!

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MC Squared said...

Only 116 days until I can enjoy a sitting up giggler of my own!

Until then, I'm thankful to have a video like this to liven my day.