Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This'll be fairly brief

Day 41

Day 131

The germ-riddled little weasels are on the mend, but we still didn't go anywhere or do much of anything today. I'm hoping they'll be fit to go out in public tomorrow.

Last week I ordered a cute little head band for Eleri. The lovely and talented Carrie Jones, a friend from high school, makes them. You should check out her Etsy shop here. Anyway, the head band arrived yesterday, and it is adorable. I put it on the lass to get some pictures, and of course Soren was very intrigued and insisted on trying it on, too. Hehe.

While the kids both had nice, long naps in the afternoon, I did some calculus. Trying to keep the ol' brain from atrophying too badly, y'know. Tom's been helping me. I have a feeling if I'd had him around to tutor me in college, I wouldn't have had to take CalcII three friggin times. Might have done better in Physics, too. Ah, if wishes were grade points...

That's all for today. (I told you it'd be brief.)


ACJC said...

You told me no pink, but you buy a headband? I'm getting mixed signals... :)

susan said...

You'll note the head band is brown and blue. ;) Just because I don't want her clothes drawer to look like someone spilled a case of Pepto Bismol in it, doesn't mean I'm opposed to all things remotely girly.

ACJC said...

well it's completely adorable...or, rather, she is completely adorable :)