Monday, May 10, 2010


Day 33

Day 123

This morning, Soren was sitting on the floor by Eleri's chair, pointing at and identifying all of the animals on her pjs. He was actually remarkably sedate this morning, after sleeping until the unusually late (for him) hour of 8:30. Sadly, his mellowness was not to last.

It was an erranding day for us. By our third and final stop, he was just in that tired-but-wired sort of state where he was slightly giddy and very fidgety and completely unwilling to listen to anything I said. ("Stop spitting. Stop kicking your sister. Inside voice, please. Stop spitting!") We waited in line at the register, and when I started loading items on the conveyor, I realized that he'd managed to reach behind himself in the cart and pick a hole in the plastic wrap covering the steaks. Sigh. Back to the meat department to get the steaks rewrapped, then back to the register. Eleri had had quite enough by this point and was protesting rather strongly, so I was bouncing around trying to get her to settle down while trying to keep Soren from pulling things back off the conveyor once I'd set them on it. There was an older gentleman in the line next to us who used an electrolarynx to speak; he leaned over to Soren and said, "You're almost there." Soren momentarily stopped fidgeting and said, "Whoa." It was pretty funny. (The guy seemed amused, too.)

This evening Eleri made her first few attempts to blow raspberries. (It would seem that my endeavors to teach her this skill were the initial catalyst of my eventual "No spitting" conversations with Soren today.) Soren had raspberries well and truly figured out by this age, but it's taking the lass a little longer to catch on. She had him beat on giggling and rolling over, though. Not that any of this really matters; I'm just making notes for posterity, since I stopped updating Soren's baby book at 7 months and haven't even started one for Eleri. But what is this blog really if not one big, electronic baby book? Complete with pictures, videos, commentary from family and friends. Not bad, in the grand scheme of things.

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