Monday, May 31, 2010

Yes, it was another 3-day weekend but I haven't pulled Mondays photos off the camera yet


Day 52

Day 142

I admit it. As I drove out for my riding lesson Saturday morning, I was kind of dreading that I'd be assigned the evil pony again this week. I don't know if it's a coincidence or if it's actually her intention, but it seems like my instructor tends to assign us the same horse two weeks in a row. At least, I've almost always been assigned the same horse two weeks in a row. And while my ride on the evil pony wasn't all that bad, it wasn't super awesome, and if I never have to try to bridle him again and face his wrath, I won't cry about it. On the one hand I feel like a huge wimp (seriously, this week I saw some girls in his stall who had to be about 12 or 13 years old), but on the other hand, I also feel like I'm too old for this crap. I'm paying good money to go out there and enjoy myself, and while of course there's no question I'm also interested in improving my skills, my focus isn't on pushing for the next level or prepping for a competition or learning how to be a trainer anymore. I'm okay with a challenge, but not at the expense of ultimately having a good time.

Anyway, whether my absence last week caused N to forget whom she'd assigned me last time, or whether I'm just wrong about the two-consecutive-weeks scheme, whatever the reason, there was a different horse's name next to mine on the horse assignment list. And while breathing a sigh of relief may have been premature (I'd never ridden this horse either), I couldn't help but do it anyway. As it turned out, I had a great ride. N warned me that this pony tends to be a little speedy in his canter and likes to run out when approaching a jump (we weren't actually jumping, but practicing skills used in riding courses by going through chutes made up of parallel poles on the ground). Maybe the humidity of the day made him too tired, but while his canter was quick, it was super comfortable and super fun, and I never felt like I was being run away with. And he didn't get wiggly or anything when we took our turns through the chute exercise. I would definitely not mind being assigned him again.

Back at home, we took it pretty easy for the rest of the afternoon. Well, Tom went to the gym, which was pretty taxing, but I didn't do much for the rest of the day. The kids were cute, as usual, though I can't at the moment think of any specific anecdotes to relate.

Oh, okay, here's one. Soren and I made a run in the evening to Best Buy to get a couple of long VGA cables so we could hook up our TV to our computer. We watch TV shows online sometimes, and since our sweet new television has a monitor input, Tom suggested we hook that sucker up and watch stuff on the big screen. So we were at Best Buy, and Soren was "helping" me push the cart. I made a quick phone call to Tom to make sure I was getting the right cables, during which time Soren began filling the cart with different cables and connectors, counting as he put them in. Thanks, buddy! Hehe.


Day 53

Day 143

Sunday afternoon we had Max over for lunch. It was already scheduled to be a late lunch, but it was made even later due to the fact that Rolling Thunder had descended upon the city and caused traffic to be so snarled by detours that it took Max almost an hour and a half to get the 7ish miles from the district to Alexandria. And I think he said it took an hour and fifteen minutes to just get to the freeway. Yeah, yikes. He got here eventually, though, and Tom made delicious pizzas. Max had brought chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream soup, which we gobbled up for dessert.

Soren's finally at the age (well, he's been there for a little while now) where he remembers and recognizes people, so when Max arrived and I opened the door to let him in, Soren adorably exclaimed, "That's a Max!" Gaaaaah, so cute. Eleri did some babbling and grinning and drooling as well and was generally delightful.

In the evening we finally got around to watching the Chuck season finale online. That's such a fun show. Not even the tiniest bit realistic, but it doesn't claim to be. Just a very entertaining spy dramedy, with lots of laughs and good, likable characters. I'm glad it got picked up for another season!

All right, that's all I've got for now. Monday's post on the morrow. Thank you, and good night!


MC Squared said...

You know, I think you got us to watch Burn Notice by using the phrase Spy Dramedy.

We're still resisting on chuck.

susan said...

Why, *why* would you resist on Chuck? It's easily some of the best dramedic writing on TV these days. ;)