Monday, June 07, 2010

Aaaaaand corn cakes

Day 61

Day 151

It occurred to me a little while ago that Eleri is certainly big enough now to fit in one of our favorite Baby Soren outfits: the Oregon onesie. This morning, I finally got around to digging it out and putting it on her. A photo comparison was the obvious next step. I got a kick out of putting these two next to each other:

And there are also some funny similarities, here:

Look at the eyes and the hands, especially. And I know Eleri's head looks huge compared to Soren's, but while I think it may be legitimately a bit larger, the focal length is obviously not the same on the two pictures. In any event, amusing!

I'll preface this next story by reminding you of Soren's fondness for the band Pomplamoose, and in particular, their covers of "Single Ladies" and "Mrs. Robinson." At the end of the video for Mrs. Robinson, the band members (Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte) are playing some sort of improv game. I'm not completely clear on the rules of the game, but it involves naming foods, and I think whoever gets stumped first and can't think of a food to name is the loser. Anyway, the very end of the video has Jack, the winner, saying, "Aaaand corn cakes," which Soren finds highly entertaining. He's been known to repeat the phrase from time to time, for no apparent reason.

So today, I'd just put Eleri down for her morning nap and returned to find Soren playing quietly in his room. He seemed to have a very clear and detailed game he was playing, and it soon became apparent to me that he was...making corn cakes. It was a pretty elaborate process, too. First he'd go over to his (hollow) pool noodle, from which he collected some pretend extruded substance. (Masa, maybe?) Then he'd take it over to the space under his bed, which I guess was his microwave or toaster oven, do some sort of clicking pattern with the latch that used to hold the drop side for the crib, wait a few moments, say, "Ding!" and retrieve the corn cakes from their cooking space. He played this game, with slight variations to serve up "hot juice" (which is what I called the spiced apple cider I drank nearly every day this winter), for at least a solid 20 minutes, making corn cakes for himself, for me, and for Leo. It was hilarious.

In the evening he helped make pizza, for real. We went outside to the basil plant on the balcony (my basil from seed is coming in pretty nicely, but it's still quite tiny, so Tom brought home a basil plant from the store this weekend), and he helped me pick some leaves. I had him count out three, and then three more, as he picked them. Back in the kitchen, he watched while I spread out the dough and covered it with sauce, picking up flour off the pan to taste, then got to help sprinkle the cheese and toppings on. I figured it had a chance of either being a super fun activity for him or a complete disaster, and I'm happy to report there were no burned arms or splats of uncooked pizzas hitting the floor. Pretty cool!

All in all, a pretty good day, and hopefully the last one we'll spend entirely at home this week. Playgroup tomorrow is meeting at Old Mine Ranch, which looks awesome. (Their website is not very good, but scroll down a ways to see the fun stuff they have to offer.) Should be exciting!


Tom said...

Damn, that was a cute little game he played.

susan said...

Really was. I'll see about putting the video up this week.