Thursday, June 24, 2010

Be afraid, Tea Partiers

Because what's more frightening than an NPR-listening 2 year old? That's right, we're raising yet another Academic Librul Elitist.

(Full disclosure: other things that have been identified this week as "spells Soren" include F-L-O-W-E-R-S, U.-S.-M-A-I-L and E-L-E-R-I. Hehe.)

Edited to Add:
For the heck of it, I sent the first part of that video to Kojo Nnamdi, hoping he'd maybe get a kick out of it. I was very amused to receive this emailed reply from him this evening.

Hi Susan,

Many thanks for sending us the video.

Your son (what is his name?) is clearly a well informed young man, not to mention handsome and perceptive. He fits the profile of the demographic group that listens to the show regularly. No doubt he turned you on to the show. Please express my sincere appreciation to him.

Also, if it is at all possible, we'd love to get a copy of the video that does not reveal any of your personal information. It would make an excellent instruction video for parents, and for young people from pre-school through college.

As you know by now, I am given to exaggeration.

Seriously Susan, I really appreciate your interest in the show, and hope we can get a copy of the video. And thanks for listening.

Kojo Nnamdi


MC Squared said...

Wait until he rebels...

MC Squared said...

Kudos from Kojo

susan said...

Indeed! On both counts ;)

ACJC said...

Perhaps I need more background information about Kojo to truly appreciate said clip...I just thought his spelling was awesome :)

susan said...

He's a public radio host here in DC. We listen to his show in the car frequently, and Soren's started to recognize when it comes on. I just thought it was funny. :)

MC Squared said...

Konamju would be an awesome title for a ninja film or video game.

ACJC said...

I just didn't know if there was something specific about the spelling related to the show :)

susan said...

Ah, no. It was only that I had two short clips and figured I'd mash them together instead of uploading them separately. Plus it just went with the whole theme of liberal academic elitism. I was trying to be funny ;)

MC - Good call!