Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beware brownies before noon

Day 84

Day 174

Playgroup was celebrating all the June birthdays today, so there were snacks and treats and juice for the kiddos. In the summertime though, playgroup tends to meet a bit earlier, so as to beat the heat; this resulted in the consumption of sugary goodies before lunchtime, which is usually not on the agenda for Sir. I'm lucky he didn't go wild with the tray of baked goods and was actually quite content to chow down some grapes, but he did manage to sneak 2 brownies before I could stop him. He ran around for almost 3 hours though, so at least he burned off a fair bit of energy before we headed home for lunch.

There was, of course, the inevitable sugar crash, which ended up manifesting as Soren passing out on the couch while I was putting Eleri down for her late afternoon (5pm) nap. I'd given him my iPod to play with while I dealt with the girlo; I found and downloaded an amusing vocab app, which he's been enjoying today. I worried it might be beyond him (you have to drag letter tiles up to spell out a word), but he caught on really quickly. Pretty slick little learning tool! He played that til he got drowsy, then I guess switched over to YouTube and attempted to watch a video. When I put Eleri down and retrieved the 'pod from the sleeping boy, he was in the process of trying to email some random video to a couple of gibberish email addresses. (Side note: If you ever receive a link to a YouTube video from me and have absolutely no idea what possessed me to send you such a thing, it was probably Soren who did the sending.)

Even though it was late, I went ahead and let him nap on the couch for 45 minutes. Poor choice, as always. Bedtime is currently much more of a struggle than normal (sorry, Tom).

Tomorrow we get to deal with fixing/replacing a tire on our car. That ought to be fun! Dunno how I ended up with a slow leak in one of the tires - I didn't see anything stuck in the tire itself, though that doesn't mean much - but I've got one. Additional side note: Since when does it cost money to put air in your tires at a gas station? Seventy-five cents to run the compressor for, I don't know, two minutes, maybe three. There was a sign on the compressor touting "FREE PRESSURE CHECK!"...yeah, through the in-line gauge. Gee, thanks. It occurs to me that the gauge would work even if the compressor were not running, but I'm hard-pressed to come up with a scenario in which you'd be likely to check your tire pressure and not add any air.


MC Squared said...

Usually, they can override the fee from the pump, so if you're a paying customer, it's not big deal.

susan said...

I didn't need gas, just air! (