Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bits of Wednesday*

*Not, like, finely minced Wednesday Addams. What kind of sicko do you take me for?

Day 70

Day 160

Soren was great at the mall play area again this week. I don't want to say "we've turned a corner" because I know the very words will probably unleash a karmic bitch-slap and I'll be back to chasing him away from the escalators next week. But! We've totally turned a corner. He wasn't thrilled when it was time to leave, but on balance he behaved extremely well.

At one point, though, he took off his socks. He carried one sock over to me, and I asked him to go retrieve the other one from where he'd left it on the floor. Before he could get back to the sock, however, another little boy picked it up and started flinging it all around, while Soren chased after him, grinning and giggling like it was the best game ever. (The other boy eventually tired of the game, and Soren was able to reclaim his sock.)

While Soren played, Eleri practiced standing, drooling all the while with a big ol grin on her face. Soren came over a few times to give her hugs, which she was happy to receive.

In the car to run errands after mall time, the Kojo Nnamdi show came on NPR. Soren piped up from the back seat, "It's the Koj-amdi Show!" Hilarious and adorable.

Driving through the parking lot at BJ's, I had my eye on the available "Shoppers with Infants" parking space. I started down the aisle and put my blinker on when another car turned up the aisle toward me, signaling my intent to park in the open space. The driver of the other car (whom we'll call GHOB for Gray-Haired Old Biddy) immediately put on her blinker as well and swung into the space without so much as a pause. And she sure as hell didn't have any infants in her car. Upon seeing the sign and realizing her egregious error, GHOB backed out and parked in another open space...directly across the aisle from the "Shoppers with Infants" space. Seriously? You had to be a jerk and steal the space for which I was clearly signaling when there was a nearly identical one right across the aisle? Give me a break.

In the grocery store, we were accosted by CGSE (Crazy Grocery Store Employee), who made a big show of asking Soren if she could take Eleri home with her. Soren didn't seem to be at all sure what she was going on about, but correctly guessed that he was being asked a question and responded with, "Yeah." As we were leaving, CGSE was talking to one of her co-workers and pointed us out, saying, "That's the little boy who said I could have his sister!" I gave a chuckle and replied, "Yes, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to veto that one." She laughed and asked if she could at least be Grandma. Sure, lady. Sure.

(Lest you think I'm being uncharitable, I do realize she was just trying to be friendly. But she was too touchy with Soren, putting her hand on his shoulder and head, and I just wasn't really in the mood to deal with the crazy.)

I was on the phone with my mom when Tom got home from work today, so she can confirm the cuteness of what transpired. Upon seeing her dad walk through the door, Eleri started keening like a pterodactyl or a baby eagle or something cutely screechy. She was utterly delighted to see him. It was about as heartwarming as could be.


madre said...

It's true! She had been making little cooing sounds but when Tom walked through the door,she got SO excited!! It was great to be able to "be there" and witness it.

mcgino said...

That is the most beautiful picture of Eleri!

susan said...

Thank you :) I like it a lot.