Sunday, June 20, 2010

Football Friday

Day 72

Day 162

Friday morning was a nail-biter of a World Cup game for the U.S. team. I wasn't planning on watching, since I was recording the game for Tom anyway, and we'd be watching it after he got home from work. But I turned on the TV to experiment with the audio settings (apparently, if you have a frequency-specific equalizer, you can dampen the buzz of the vuvuzela horns by reducing the volume at 465 Hz and, I think, 240 Hz, or thereabouts) and got sucked into the game. So we ended up watching the first half before we left for the rec center playground. Even though Soren's rec center class is over, A still has a Friday morning class there, and Soren really looks forward to their weekly scamp-around-the-playground buddy time.

So we went, and I found the game on ESPN radio and listened some more. There was still half an hour left when I shut it off, and the U.S. was behind Slovenia, 2 goals to 1. In order to keep from spoiling the ending, I was careful about avoiding news and Facebook for the remainder of the day. Which made it immediately clear how often I usually check updates on Facebook. Yeesh.

Anyway, the U.S. ended up coming back and scoring a second goal, ending the game at 2-2. The second goal was scored by Michael Bradley, who is the son of the coach, Bob Bradley. Some TV announcer made the comment that Michael Bradley gave his dad such a great Father's Day gift. Without missing a beat, Tom said, "Yeah, a tie." Ha!

Moving on from soccer (and back a bit to the morning), Soren & A had their usual oodles of fun chasing each other around at the rec center. At one point, they were intentionally pushing the big tire swing such that it would swing back and nearly knock them over. Then one of them got on the regular swing and the other stood close enough to get bumped repeatedly. They thought these were excellent games and laughed gleefully all the while. Dorks. ;)

That's about all I've got for Friday. This week's video will probably be the making of the corn cakes, but I didn't do any video editing this weekend, so look for it sometime tomorrow.

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