Thursday, June 17, 2010


Day 71

Day 161

Fort Ward Park in Alexandria apparently has a neat little Civil War museum, but we just went there for the playground today. It's shaded, and Soren & A had a great time chasing each other around for an hour or so. (They probably would have both been happy to stay longer, but we had to get back home.)

Soren was spun up like some kind of dervish nearly all day today. I'm not sure what that was all about. But he didn't stop flailing and squealing and making clucking noises until he was in his bed with the lights off. And even then it took some time for the madness to die down. I would have hypothesized he'd somehow gotten crack sprinkled on his pizza at dinnertime, only he'd been wild all day long.

Thursday's kind of becoming pizza night, since it's one of my nights to cook, and it seems like a really easily reheatable (or portable) dinner for Tom to eat on soccer game nights. Soren was excited to reprise his role as Chief Sprinkler of Pizza Toppings, helping me out while Eleri took her evening nap. After Tom left for his game, Soren and I watched the premiere episode of Top Chef: D.C.. Soren's name for Top Chef is "Diners," after we spent the last few weeks watching Top Chef Masters; at the end of each challenge, the chefs have their dishes rated by the judges and "the diners" (whom they serve at whatever event they're cooking for). The phrase Soren picked up from this show is, "The diners gave you...three stars," which he likes to say apropos of nothing throughout the day. It's pretty cute. Anyway, about halfway through the episode tonight, Soren declared, "No more Diners. Go play, go kick ball." I don't think I need to worry toooo much about him becoming a television zombie. Though he'd probably sit and watch several hours of Dora the Explorer if I let him. ;)

I have had 3 people approach me in the past week to ask about the Ergo carrier I've been borrowing from A's mom. Plus another handful of people in the couple of months I've had it. I can say after hauling Eleri around in it as much as I do, I like it a lot. I liked the Baby Bjorn a lot when I used it with Soren, but it seemed less comfortable this time around. I like that the Ergo spreads out Eleri's weight across my shoulders and lower back, compared with how the Bjorn centers everything between my shoulder blades. I don't like that I don't have the option of letting Eleri face out toward the world (or Soren, when he's sitting in the shopping cart) with the Ergo, or the fact that I can't strap it on myself one-handed after I've already picked her up. I love the little sun shade that's attached to the Ergo, and the fact that I can easily nurse her without taking her out of the carrier or even having to stop and sit down. I've nursed her in the grocery store, walking through the mall, sitting at the park, and while I won't get into the apparently RAGING CONTROVERSIAL ISSUE that is public breastfeeding, I'll say that the sun shade allows for a level of discretion that's comfortable for me and doesn't require me to deal with blankets and the like. I'm definitely a fan.

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