Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Fun at the farm & Five months old

Day 62

Day 152

What a day! Old Mine Ranch was a definite win. Soren got to see a bunch of animals (goats, ponies, chickens, turkeys, peacocks, donkeys, llamas & sheep). He got to feed the goats. He got to play on a big plastic culvert pipe slide. He got to go on a mini-train ride and sit on an old tractor. He got to jump and frolic in a bouncy house. And he got to ride a pony.

How awesome is that?! He did great, and totally seemed to enjoy himself. I couldn't be much prouder.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, to boot. Nice and sunny, but not too hot. Unfortunately, I forgot I'd brought the sunscreen in the house; as a result, I was unable to find the sunscreen anywhere in the car, so we had to do without. Soren, surprisingly, did okay. My shoulders, neck & chest, however, look like a damned tomato. Whee!

I took quite a few pictures at the farm (no great surprise), and they're up on Flickr. Alas, as is frequently the case, I have none of Eleri at the farm, since she spent the whole time chilling in the pouch, where it's really tough to get a good picture of her with the 50mm lens. (If only I had Go-Go-Gadget arms...) I did, however, get a bunch of her showing off her strong back muscles in the evening at home. Here's a quick comparison of the two at 5 months old.

There's no denying it. We've got some damn cute kids.


Anonymous said...

They really make my day!

Grandpa J

Now please tell me how to get the Pomplamoose out of my head.

ACJC said...

He looks like a natural up on that pony! Just needs to put his heels down ;)

madre said...

He looks a little like Bomber! Just when I thought your children couldn't possibly get any cuter, they jump to the next level of cuteness!!!

susan said...

Grandpa J - If you figure out how to eradicate the Pomplamoose earworms, let me know. I haven't yet figured it out. At least there are far worse things one could have stuck in one's head.

Amy - Yeah, I'll work on his heels next time. ;)

Madre - They've got chronic and progressive cuteness, for sure!