Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy birthday to me

Day 78

Day 168

Thursday morning it topped 80 degrees by 10am, so playgroup met at the library instead of the park. Soren was incredibly well behaved, happy enough to be playing with toys and running around with his friends inside the meeting room. Yay!

We hung around at home for the rest of the day, Soren playing with toys, Eleri napping off & on, me playing with the sweet new iTouch Tom got me for my birthday. :) Sushi for dinner topped off a nice, relaxing day. And now I begin my 30th year. Seriously, 29 years old? When did that happen?

(Um, yesterday. What, are you senile already?)

In the evening, Eleri was having some tummy time on our bed, and she was doing little baby push ups. More accurately, she was doing a cobra yoga pose. Stretch up tall for a couple of seconds, relax, repeat. That upper body's going to be super strong in no time!

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