Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hey-la, hey-la, my husband's back*

Day 65

Day 155

*This is not to suggest I had any harrassers nosing around here while Tom was away.

Friday! Whooooo! We made it!

In the morning we went to Soren's final ABCs and 123s class at the rec center. Over the 9 week session, he made some modest gains in the areas of arts & crafts participation and...well...that's about all, really. By this last class, he still wanted to run around during story time, pulling things off tables (scissors! staplers! open container of paint!) and getting into cupboards & cabinets. Eleri seemed more interested in the stories and songs than he did. I was moderately amused that the class instructor, who until yesterday never really made a point of calling the kids by their names, apparently thought Soren's name was Steven. Which is, you know, closer than the little girl she was calling Abby, whose name is actually...Chloe. Hehe. I don't blame her a bit for getting confused. She teaches I don't know how many classes a day, sees these kids for about 40 minutes a week, and spends those 40 minutes setting up craft projects, reading stories and leading sing-alongs. I still had to chuckle, nonetheless.

"Steven" was finally really feeling better Friday, or must've been, as it was the first day in almost 2 weeks that he didn't take a nap in the afternoon. Rats. I was really hoping he'd keep up with the napping even after he got over his cold. Oh well.

Both of the kids were really glad to see Tom when he got home. Eleri was especially hilarious. She stared at him with big saucer eyes, wiggling and squirming until he sat down on the couch and I passed her to him, then busting out an enormous grin while she sat on his lap. It was incredibly sweet. Soren couldn't stop asking, "Take a bus, Dad-dad?" He loves watching for Tom's bus in the afternoon and knows that's how he gets his dad back home after work. Cute.

This week's video is still on its way. Editing is tough to do when there's World Cup soccer on to distract you. ;)


ACJC said...

ADORABLE pictures, as per usual

susan said...

Thanks :) I have excellent little photographic subjects.