Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Last King of Snotland

Day 58

Day 148

Day 4 of NapFest 2010! This time Soren fell asleep at 12:20 (in the afternoon) and proceeded to nap for two hours. We'd skipped his rec center class in the morning, since he was pretty clearly not over his cold yet. I'm not sure his nose stopped running for more than a few minutes (besides those 2 hours he was asleep) all day. Poor fella.

Eleri has reached the beginning of the drooly months. Those would be the couple of months before the teeth start to make an appearance. I remember Soren's drooly months well.

Eleri's obviously not at peak drooliness yet since, as I said, she's only just entered the phase, but she's off to a good start. A couple of times already I've had to remove her sodden shirt just to give her a chance to dry out.

This is a rather dool- and snot-heavy post, I'm realizing. Lucky you!

Rounding out our aquatic theme is some footage from last week's water playdate, since we were housebound all this week and don't have much of interest to share in the videographic realm. Apologies for the slightly obnoxious ragtime music; I was cutting together footage that included bits of random conversation in the background, so I thought to just cover the whole thing with a musical track. The Flip video editing software allows you to pick a musical style and will fit exactly the right amount of music to match the length of your video - convenient! - and from the few-second sample this seemed like the best choice. And despite the title, this is actually about 1/3 playing with water and 2/3 other stuff, but whatever. It's 3/3 cuteness, so there you go.


Anonymous said...

Keystone kids music kind of...
I still enjoyed it tho.

Grandpa J

madre said...

Fun times!! He's really getting accomplished at so many new things.

MC Squared said...

That roller-coaster styled ride is awesome!

The software music selection is slick.

susan said...

It's been really cool to watch him get more and more comfortable with the roller coaster ride with successive visits to this house. The first time he just wanted to watch it go. I think he rode it once but thereafter was more interested in pushing the empty cart down the track. The next time, he took a few rides, but was again not all that excited about it and had some difficulty resetting the cart after his turn. This time, he must have ridden it five or six times in a row, calmly pushing the cart back on his own, climbing up, coasting down.

Now if only we had a backyard...