Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Like a (broken) record baby

Day 69

Day 159

Playgroup was canceled this morning due to threat of rain. And even though it didn't actually rain today, conditions at River Farm were likely extremely muddy after yesterday's downpour, so it's probably just as well we didn't go. Unfortunately, inertia is harder to come by as the day progresses, so despite my best intentions we never made it out of the house to some alternate play venue in the afternoon. And Eleri took only a very short nap in the morning and then nothing until 4:30! So it wasn't exactly the smoothest day ever, with two whiny, stir-crazy, non-napping children.

However, there's something I've been meaning to write about for a while, so our lack of exciting adventures for the day provides me with just the opportunity I've been waiting for.

I don't know about Tom, but there is really nothing that makes me feel more like a parent than hearing my kid call me Mommy. I know, this is kind of an obvious one, but it ended up striking me more than I anticipated. When I got pregnant with Soren, I was the only one in the group of co-workers with whom I usually socialized who was even close to having children. As a result, the nickname Mama was quickly bestowed upon me, and I got used to hearing it, long before Soren started addressing me as anything besides "Bwaaah."

Sentimental. Cute. Still not the thing I was going to write about. Merely a lead-up to this:

The thing that second most makes me feel like a parent is when I hear myself repeating "Mommy phrases" over and over and over (and over) every day. Such gems as -

"That's not food."
"That's not a toy."
"What are you eating?"
"Sit on your bum."
"Did you poop?"
"Gentle with Leo!"
"Gentle with Eleri!"
"Get down from there."
"Put that back."
"I said sit on your bum!"
"That's not yours."
"Water is for drinking, not spilling."
"On your bum!"

You get the picture.

I exaggerate, of course, for comedic effect. There are also lots of "C'mere, give me a hug"s and "Good job!"s and "Thank you for being such a good helper!"s. And probably the very most frequent thing I say, most days, is "What's what?" or "What do you think it is?" (in response to Soren's near constant refrain of "Whazzat?!").

What about you? Parents or not, what do you find yourself saying again and again?


ACJC said...

It used to be, "Turn off your voices!" and "I'd like to thank (student's name) for being respectful". Nowadays, nothing really repetitive aside from "That's ridiculous" merely because I enjoy multi-syllabic words :)

MC Squared said...

Oh man, (student's name) is such a suck up, and every time you used that phrase their social standing went down. You were disincentivizing good behavior.


Anonymous said...

It used to be "I understand, how can I help you?".....since retirement it is "I'll get back to you after I return from whatever"...love it!

susan said...

Did "Turn off your voices" actually work? There are lots of times I would love for Soren to (temporarily, at least) turn off his voice. ;)