Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memorial Day

Day 54

Day 144

I found this Memorial Day post to be particularly affecting. (Click over and give it a quick read; it's really short.)

Tom got up with Soren in the morning and let Eleri and me get some extra sleep. And sleep we did! When I finally woke up, I was sure it had to be after 10:00. Eleri was still snoozing away, but I got up and staggered out to the living room, where I discovered it was actually almost 11:00. Wow. Thank you, Tom! Eleri woke up after about half an hour more, effectively smushing her night sleep and morning nap into one big block. Pretty impressive.

Per the plans I made on Friday, I tried doing a less intense version of the running workout. The first two days, when I was running outside, I was averaging about 7mph for my running segments and a bit less than 4mph for my walking segments. Yesterday, I used the treadmill so I could force myself to jog more slowly. I walked at 4mph and jogged at 5mph, and that didn't seem to aggravate my shin splints too badly at all. As an added bonus, my heart rate stayed within the proper cardio zone (it usually surges up between 180 and 200 bpm when I'm running). So I guess I'll stick with this slower pace and see how that goes.

Soren joined Eleri for some floor time in the evening. The little lass is getting stronger every day, rolling and squiggling around. It won't be long now before she starts crawling and making things more complicated around here. ;)

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MC Squared said...

The blog link is touching. Thank you.