Monday, June 14, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

Day 68

Day 158

Eleri had her first haircut today. I decided the frizzy side curls just had to go, especially since the humidity is just making them frizzier and frizzier. She's still got the two-toned look going on, as her new hair is coming in very light and her original issue hair is brown, but she looks a little less crazy. I wasn't quite able to finish up because she started getting wiggly, but perhaps while she's napping tomorrow I can get the rest of it. I'm thinking about leaving the little poofy nest at her crown though. I'm not so much opposed to her looking like a troll doll, but those curlies at her temples were starting to bug me. I know, I know, she's a baby, and a girl to boot, so I should just leave her hair alone. It shouldn't matter if she looks completely unkempt, but I can't help fussing over it.

We had some ridiculously fortuitous timing while we were out grocering this afternoon. Soren (who had flatly refused to nap at home) of course fell asleep once we were underway in the car. This worked out pretty well because Eleri was hungry once we got to the store, so I was able to feed her while Soren napped. After we finished our shopping and got back in the car to come home, I'd no sooner backed out of the parking space when it started to rain. It continued to rain, quite heavily, while we drove home. I anticipated having to sit in the car a good while after we got back, waiting for the downpour to abate, but it stopped just minutes after we parked in front of our building. Pretty good!

It continued to rain, furiously and sporadically, over the course of the evening. At one point, while I was jogging on the treadmill at the gym, there was another cloudburst that sent all the lifeguards working the outdoor pool scurrying indoors, which was a pretty funny sight.

Soren's been pulling all of his (clean) diapers out of the diaper drawer and lining them up neatly on the floor. It's pretty funny. We've been making him practice counting as he walks across them like pond stones. He's getting a bit better at the counting, though he still tends to skip either 4 or 5. I said, offhand, to Tom yesterday that we should teach Soren Greek letters next. I was mostly joking, but Tom thought this was a great idea, though he rightly supposed we ought to teach him his lower case English letters first. Hehe.

Today Soren was having conversations on his toy phone. He ended many of them with, "Okay, catch you later, bye!" Guess he's been paying attention when I'm on the phone. ;)


ACJC said...

He's like a little sponge...which could be good, but perhaps not ;)

susan said...

Yeah, he's already picked up a few choice words and phrases I'd rather he didn't. Oops.