Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Mashing these two together because, eh, I feel like it!

Day 75

Day 165

After her epic stretches of sleep on Friday and Saturday nights, Eleri was up twice in the night on Sunday. Which is pretty much what I expected would happen. And still nothing to complain about!

Monday was another hot day. Because I'm the smartest person alive, I decided to work on chores in the morning and then go out to run errands in the afternoon. Go me. While we were out & about, the first place we went was a craft supply store. Soren was doing his usual, "Whazzat? Whazzat?" routine as we passed the first few racks of craft project kits, which contained supplies to make little wooden door hanger things and tiny "stained glass" window decorative dealiedoos. A large number of these were religious-themed, so my reply to Soren's question was something along the lines of, "Birds. Teddy bears. Jesus." At which point he just started repeating, "Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ!" Ah, Mommy's little blasphemer...heh heh heh. I tried to divert him with, "No, we're not having any cheesy fries today." It didn't really work. I have really got to find another "I AM VERY EXASPERATED RIGHT NOW" phrase to use, because apparently under my breath is not subtle enough for Mr. Bionic Ears.

Making our way through the store was slow-going at times, because he kept asking to stop and count things. ("Count fishes? Count guitars? Count letters?") There were almost always five of everything, regardless of how many there *actually* were. Hehe.

One of the books I got for Soren from the library was Gray Rabbit's 1, 2, 3. In the book, Gray Rabbit finds some clay and fashions a bunch of critters out of it (1 wiggly, squiggly worm, 2 chattering, clattering toucans, etc.). When the book gets to 9, it's 9 spotted, dotted bugs. While we were out shopping on Monday, Soren kept pointing out things and declaring them to be "spotted, dotted." We saw spotted, dotted iPods in Best Buy and spotted, dotted cookies in Trader Joe's and spotted, dotted flower decals in the craft store. Such a goof ball, that boy.

Several people stopped to admire Eleri and ask how old "he" was. Yeah, so she was wearing red & blue, and she's been mistaken for a boy a bit more since I trimmed her side curls. It doesn't really bother me. It's not as though people recoil in horror when I say that she is five months old; they don't think she's adorable as a little boy but some sort of hideous specimen as a little girl.

Day 76

Day 166

Today was yet another scorcher. We took Tom to the doctor in the morning so he could get his achy back examined, and then invited A and his mom over to play in the pool. Unfortunately (having never had occasion to use the pool during the middle of a weekday) I failed to realize that both the outdoor and indoor pools don't open until 1pm, so we had to kill a bit of time on the playground and then come back inside to drink some more water and wait. When we headed out the second time though, the boys had lots of fun. A's been taking swimming classes at the rec center, so he was all about paddling around and blowing bubbles in the water. Soren was pretty happy to splash around and play with the foam pool noodles, but at one point he lost his footing in the (18" deep) water and tipped over. Unable to get purchase with either his hands or his feet, he floundered for a second or two with his face in the water until I picked him up. He was, understandably, very startled and cried just a tiny bit, his little heart racing. Poor little guy. But he recovered quickly, and though he was considerably more cautious thereafter, he still seemed to have a great time.

The fireflies are back. I really want to try and photograph some this year.


Megan said...

My grandma always used to say "pooh bear" in the place of her usual "Shit!"...but mostly because I demanded it. One I think is hilarious is "Barnacles!" AHAHAHA Some insurance salesmen said that to my oldest after he'd gotten hurt "Oh, barnacles." He said it was from Sponge Bob Square Pants.

ACJC said...

Have you seen "40 year old virgin"? I'm thinking the waxing scene...."Oh Kelly Clarkson!"

MC Squared said...

I'd vote for some obscure sci-fi reference or something science related.

You could go with a Babylon 5 religious figure instead: "In Valen's Name!"

Maybe something from Physics: "Weak Force!"

Anonymous said...

John Prine put it best, " Little pictures have big ears".

Grandpa J

susan said...

We're not Babylon 5 watchers, but I did consider trying to adopt something from a show closer to my heart. "Oh Flukeman!" ;)