Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Seriously? No nap after all that? I'm hosed.

Day 82

Day 172

Monday morning Soren decided 6:40 was a pretty fine time to wake up. The only good thing I can say about that is at least he didn't immediately leap out of bed and start making mischief. Well, and that 6:40 is later than...some even more unreasonably early hour. (So, there are two good things I can say.) Nevertheless, 6:40 is early, and I hoped I might luck out and get an afternoon nap out of the boy as a result.

The ramp up to the past week's temperature zenith was complete; yesterday we saw high 90s with enough humidity to make it hard to step outside without breaking a sweat. I say this not in my usual moaning-about-summer-weather fashion, but as further evidence that Soren should have been exhausted by the afternoon.

We were starting a new class at the rec center yesterday. Soren's buddy A was starting a different class, running at the same time as Soren's. A's mom suggested we meet at the playground before class, so the boys could do their running around before it got miserably hot. The rec center playgrounds are shaded, and there was an intermittent breeze, so it wasn't unbearable, but the boys still worked up a pretty good sweat with all their running around.

There was a day camp group on the playground while we were there. At one point, their counselor/teacher/leader called everyone over to get some water. I looked up to see Soren patiently standing in line with the rest of the (older) kids. Hehe. I went over to retrieve him; the woman asked me if he was allowed to have some, and when I said yes she gave him a cup of water which he gratefully downed. Well, he drank most of it and then decided it would be fun to stick his filthy hands in the remaining water. Aaaand this is why his exposure to open-top cups is usually limited.

We went inside for the class, which is called "Zoom around the Room." It's held in the soft play room, which is full of big foam blocks and slides and tunnels. There's also a ball pit. In this class, there's half an hour of free play, and then 15 minutes of songs and such. No crafts, no need to sit still. Soren was just about as happy as it's possible to be. He ran and climbed and slid and jumped and crawled and tumbled, all with a big grin on his face. He waited his turn to climb down the little wishing well thing. He followed directions really well; during song and circle time, the instructor got out a parachute and told all of the kids to go fetch 2 balls each out of the ball pit so we could bounce them on the parachute, and Soren dutifully ran over and fetched two balls, setting them on the parachute like he was supposed to. It was pretty great.

When class was over, he wanted to go back to the playground (no great surprise) but it was lunch time, and I was hungry, and we were headed into the hottest part of the day. So home we went, and lunched, and I was sure I'd be able to get him down for a nap. I was wrong. It didn't help that I had a heck of a time getting Eleri to fall - and then stay - asleep, but I don't think I'd have had any luck even if she'd been more cooperative. The afternoon devolved into one of those really trying days, with both kids seemingly ganging up to tread on my very last nerve. Sigh. It's got to be a pretty rough day for me to be really excited about getting to go running after Tom gets home. We did have a pretty kick-ass thunderstorm, which breezed in and out in the span of about half an hour, crashing and pouring and cooling things down considerably. That was nice.

And then Tom got home, and I did go run, and Tom made a delicious dinner of steak burritos, and the evening was better than the afternoon. Soren fell asleep pretty easily at bedtime (again, no great surprise), and I slept better than I have been, lately. All told, I'd say we're looking at a net positive on the day, starting the week out pretty nicely. :)


madre said...

HA! I love that he got on line with the "big" kids :)

madre said...

In the line, that is!

Amy said...

I have one of those parachutes he can play with when you come visit: )

susan said...

Madre - "On line" makes you sound old. ;) But yes, it was really funny.

Amy - Sweet!