Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday afternoon is never-ending

Day 83

Day 173

When I was getting Eleri dressed this morning, I put a bib on her since she's been kind of a drool monster lately. Soren didn't want to miss out on this marvelous fashion accessory and insisted on digging a bib out of Eleri's drawer for himself. As you can see, he chose a pink one with a kitty cat on it.

We went over to A's house in the afternoon. The boys played outside with A's water table, thoroughly drenching themselves. At one point they started drinking the water (freshly refilled by A's mom) out of whatever cups and vessels were handy. A's mom had brought clean water out to the table in a big stock pot, which was then set down next to the table. Soren busied himself getting water in cups and then pouring it into the pot, and when he'd accumulated half an inch or so of water, he picked up the (enormous, compared to him) stock pot and proceeded to drink out of it like a cup. I wish I'd had my camera.

When Tom got home from work this evening, he was kicking the soccer ball around the living room, Soren chasing behind giggling uncontrollably. At one point, the ball rolled over to where Eleri was sitting in her purple chair, and she got all excited and started kicking at it & reaching for it. It was super cute. She entertained herself pretty happily with the ball while I was getting dinner together. I settled her facing the corner, with the ball in front of her, so it wouldn't roll out of reach, and Soren was sure I'd put her in time-out. Heh. Kind of hard to explain that one, since he's not allowed any toys in time-out.

A couple of Soren gems from today:

"Scaffolding needs hugs!"
"I'm not homing." (In response to me saying, "Come on, let's go home.")

I think there was a third, but I can't remember what it was. I should write these things down when they happen. ;)


MC Squared said...

Re: I should write these things down when they happen.

That is what Twitter is for.

ACJC said...

I'm very intrigued by his conjucation skills ("homing").

Anonymous said...

That is an hilarious choice on his part.

mamalefae said...

LOL I can almost hear the word "dude!" after I'm not homing!

susan said...

MC - Okay. I admit it. That's about the best use of Twitter I've ever heard. I'm kind of tempted now.

Amy - The creative conjugations of toddlers are frequently quite hilarious.

Anon - I quite agree.

Mamalefae - Hehe, that would have been perfect. (P.S. Your daughter was absolutely adorable giving me hugs goodbye today.)