Sunday, June 06, 2010

Two day weekends are much too short


Day 59 / Day 149

Saturday was the annual picnic for Birth Care, the midwives' practice. We'd planned to attend, but Soren still wasn't really fit to be out in public, so Eleri & I went. I'm not really sure what I was thinking, aside from wanting to show off the lass. I didn't know anyone there besides the midwives, and I don't even know them all that well. I chatted briefly with R, who had delivered Eleri, but soon I just found myself standing awkwardly around while Eleri slept in the front pack. Fun times! I eventually decided I needed to sack up (or whatever the female equivalent is) and find someone to talk to, since I'd driven all the way over there. So I approached a couple with a little girl-baby and complimented them on their cool moped-patterned baby carrier. While we exchanged pleasantries, another couple with a baby girl (born on Christmas day) sat down near us, and then another couple with a gigantic (20 lb) 6 month-old girl. That girl's mother joked that she didn't make breastmilk, she made breastcream. Lots of little lassies about, it seemed. Anyway, they were all fun folks to talk to, and it ended up being a very nice time. Eleri woke up after about an hour and was so pleasant and smiley.

Back on the home front, Soren did more napping and cold-fighting. He seems to have reverted a little to his fussy eating and restless sleeping ways, but I'm blaming the cold and hoping (fervently) that I'm right.

Not much else for Saturday. We worked our way through some of the major backlog of Tivo-ed shows we've got (Whoo, return of Burn Notice! Whoo, Friday Night Lights!) and generally took it easy.


Day 60

Day 150

Today was the first day I felt like Soren's actually doing markedly better, as far as his cold is concerned. The cough lingers, but the rivers of snot have dried up, and he seemed more full of energy.

Today was also the first day that I've noticed Eleri lifting her arms up while she's on her tummy (kind of like the locust pose in yoga, except with the arms straight out to the side; I tried to find a picture of baby Soren doing this to illustrate what I mean, but I don't seem to have taken any). It's indicative of some pretty impressive back strength, at any rate.

Tom & Soren went out in the morning to do the erranding. Soren was pretty psyched to get ready to go, having been more or less housebound for the past week. As they left, he waved and said, "Bye Mama! Sweet dreams Mama!" (which, as Tom pointed out, wasn't all that far out of the realm of reasonable, as I do have a tendency to doze off when left to my own devices and undisturbed by mewling children). There were no naps in the cards, however. I was determined to get a jump start on the chores and intended to do as much as I could manage before Eleri started demanding a snack break. She was surprisingly cooperative, though, and I was able to get a bunch of stuff done. So nice to be so productive early in the day. :)

The afternoon was more slothful, as we lounged about and continued to work our way through the Tivo backlog. A 2-mile family walk before dinner got the ol' blood pumping again, and soon it was time to wind down before bed. And just like that, the weekend is over! I'm anticipating a triumphant return to playgroup next week, and there will be a few "fun" days of single-momming it while Tom's away at a conference. Should be a busy contrast to our restful weekend, that's for sure.

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