Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Day 55

Day 145

Last night was horrendous. I was struck with a nasty case of insomnia, punctuated by a couple of really unfortunately-timed wakings from the kiddos. All told, I managed about 2.5 hours of sleep, and not all in one shot. Blech.

As a result, I was - try not to be too shocked here - not really in any condition to do the playgroup thing this morning. It's a pity, because we were to meet up at another awesome-looking park we've not yet been to, but we'll just have to go check it out as a family some weekend. Soren was a little congested overnight and seemed to be running a very, very low-grade fever, which persisted throughout the day today, so it's probably just as well that we didn't go anywhere, anyway.

The highlight of my day came just after 3 in the afternoon, when Soren declared himself sleepy and went to lie down on his bed. Voluntarily. I left the room to change Eleri's diaper, and when I returned, the boy had...fallen asleep! Let me repeat that. In just a few months, Soren has gone from Mr. "I Refuse To Fall Asleep Unless You Physically Restrain Me" to a boy whose bedtime routine contains almost no drama or fuss and who, today, put himself down for a nap! I immediately emailed Tom with the wonderful news, settled Eleri to sleep on my lap, and knocked out on the couch for twenty glorious minutes. Win!

Since we seem to be following a sleep (or not) theme today, this is as good a place as any to sing Eleri's praises for waking up all happy the majority of the time. Soren had a tendency as a baby (and still does with some frequency today) to wake up insta-pissed. Sleep, sleep, sleep, scream and cry! Not so with the little lass. Sure, she wakes up sad sometimes, but more often than not I can barely hear her from the other room when she's in her crib because she'll just wake up and coo or find her thumb and suck it for a while and then make some little talk-y noises. And then I come in to fetch her and she greets me with an enormous grin. It's amazing, and I really hope (for her sake more than anything) that she retains this rosy-upon-awakening demeanor as she gets older.

Even now as I type this, she was just chilling out next to me on our bed, when she stuck her thumb in her mouth and put herself to sleep. What an amazing little gal. :)

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Tom said...

Seriously. Awesome.