Monday, June 28, 2010

Yep, another weekend


Day 80

Day 170

A pretty mellow weekend around here, again. Too warm to do much outside the apartment, though the worst of the Saturday heat was kind enough to hold off until after my riding lesson in the morning. The instructor dragged a hose out to the arena and multi-tasked, teaching the class while keeping the dust at bay. We were warned that she'd spray us if she didn't like how we were riding (an empty threat), and I tried to come up with a good Silence of the Lambs joke - something to do with "get[ting] the hose again" - to fit the situation but failed. Ah well. Mid-way through the lesson she had us come over one at a time so she could hose down the horses' chests so they'd be more comfortable. It worked out pretty well.

Back home, I watched with Tom while the U.S. lost their game, which was a bummer. I still don't know anything like enough about soccer to offer any sort of analysis. Tom said something about weak central defense.


Day 81

Day 171

Chores, errands & Tivo rounded out the rest of the weekend. One amusing thing to relate from Sunday is something Tom told me after he & Soren got back from the erranding. While they were at PetSmart, they took some time to wander and look at the various critters. When they paused in front of the lizard cages, Soren said, "Dinosaurs!" Hehehe.

Eleri's gone back to pursuing the art of the raspberry. She's never quite taken to it the way Soren did, but she's definitely become more interested in the last few days. Cute.

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