Monday, July 05, 2010

4th of July Weekend


Day 87

Day 177

Saturday morning I was all set to go to my riding lesson, but our car apparently had other plans. I should have realized something was up when the doors wouldn't unlock via remote; I just assumed the remote's battery had died. Alas, it was in fact the car's battery that was dead beyond resurrection. When I turned the key there wasn't even a click. Just nothing. At first I was just mildly annoyed; we bought the portable jump start battery kit thing specifically because we'd had dead battery problems in the past. So I hauled the kit out, hooked it up, flipped the power switch...and just about leapt out of my skin when the horn started blaring. (Intermittent honk, as though I'd hit the panic button.) Hitting the panic button on the key fob did nothing to stop the honking, so I tried just turning the key again and hoping for the best. Nothing doing. This car wasn't going anywhere. So irritating.

Back up to the apartment, where I changed out of my riding clothes and collected the stroller. I wheeled the stroller over the hill to the Sears at the mall, picked up a new battery, and wheeled it back. Some researching online seemed to indicate that there may be a problem with the factory-installed radio causing a power drain, so after Tom put in the new battery, Eleri and I took a trip over to the dealer. I was pretty grumpy about the whole thing and intended to give them a piece of my mind.

While I'm pleased to report that I remained civil and didn't completely unload on anyone, I'm chagrined to say that there was ultimately no resolution to the issue. They (supposedly) ran several diagnostic tests, looking for power drains on the battery and couldn't find anything. They couldn't reimburse me for the battery I bought, since our old battery was a month shy of being past its "expected shelf life" and apparently batteries aren't a full replacement warranty item. They could have pro-rated a new battery if I'd had the car towed in, but the pro-rate would have only been about $5 shy of the full cost (so the mechanic claimed). Sigh. Forty miles round trip and 90ish minutes in the waiting room to be no better off than we were when we started.

All was not lost for the day. Eleri was really good while we were gone, only finally deciding she'd had enough when we were about 5 minutes from home. And we stopped off at Trader Joe's on our way back, where I picked up some really fantastic burgers. They had swiss cheese, onions & red peppers folded into the patties and were super tasty.

Before dinner, though, we took the kids down to the pool. Soren hadn't been in since his "flop down" incident, and he was really nervous at first, more or less clutching on to Tom with a vice grip. He relaxed, slowly, and eventually had a great time. Eleri, who was experiencing the pool for the first time, had an absolute blast, kicking and splashing and grinning. It was very cute. :)


Day 88

Day 178

After the long day Saturday, and another early wake-up from Soren, I could not seem to get into gear on Sunday. I must have dozed off 5 or 6 times over the course of the day, pretty much every time I fed Eleri. So there's not a lot to say about the day itself.

In the evening, we went for a walk around the complex to check out the fireflies and see if any of our neighbors were setting off fireworks. We could barely make out one of the municipal displays through the trees, and Soren didn't seem too excited about the "sparklies," if he noticed them at all. But we had a nice walk, and I brought along the camera and took some long exposures playing with light, just for fun. Eleri rode in the stroller for the first time, and Soren got a big kick out of helping push.


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adorable pics!

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It's easy when I have such adorable models.