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Day 108

Day 198

Since it was approximately 700 degrees outside on Saturday, and I'd learned the day before that my usual riding instructor was out of town for the weekend, I opted not to go riding this weekend. It was just as well, after the rather brutal Friday night, and it saved me some guilt over ditching Tom with the terrible teething twosome for 4 hours. (Really it's mostly that Eleri was wanting to nurse a lot more than usual, and she's still pretty vehemently anti-bottle, so it would have been rather unkind to all involved if I'd been away that long.) I did, however, flee long enough to do my running, since I'd been too wiped out by Friday's super fun times to go the day before. I did approximately the same thing as Wednesday, with the intervals, but I increased my top speed to 7 miles an hour, extending my total distance to 2.57 miles in 25 minutes. My shins felt fine afterward, so I'm pretty pleased about that!

Soren's cough had subsided by Friday evening and was pretty much gone on Saturday. Eleri'd had a bit of a fever Friday night, but it too was gone by morning, and she was in slightly better spirits than she'd been in the day before. With the adult-to-kid ratio back at 1:1, Saturday was overall a much better day than Friday had been.

Soren has been starting to grasp the concept of letter sounds. He's been walking around, the past couple of days, saying things like, "B says buh. P says puh. Z says zzzzz." Saturday afternoon, he was sitting between us and suddenly exclaimed, "Jesus says juh!" We laughed but were rather puzzled as to where that came from. A few minutes later, he repeated, "G says juh," and it became clear what he'd been going for, initially. It was still funny, though.

In the evening (I'd like to say "once the weather had cooled a bit" but I would be lying), we all got in the car to escape the apartment for a little while and do some grocering. We had plans to have A and his parents over for lunch on Sunday, and we needed some supplies. Before the grocery store, though, we had to make a quick stop at the pet store for more cat food and litter. Soren's full of amusing observations at the pet store. Last time he and Tom went by themselves, he pointed at the display of lizards and said, "Dinosaurs!" This time, we were paused by the parakeets, which he declared to be "owls!" Hehe. Not quite, little man.

Eleri, who was completely quiet and content the whole time we were in the store, was hiding a secret diaper explosion, which I discovered upon removing her from the front pouch once we got back to the car. And of course I had just removed the diaper bag for restocking on Thursday and had forgotten to put it back in the car. Fortunately, my penchant for having extraneous (figurative) crap in the car paid off for once, as we were able to scrounge some wipes, a diaper, and some clean clothes.

Erranding completed, we returned home. Soren was late getting to bed, but he slept a lot better than he did on Friday night. Eleri slept straight through for 8 hours, woke up to eat, and then went back to sleep for another hour and a half. That's more like it!


Day 109

Day 199

Tom put together a fantastic lunch spread of baby-back ribs, corn on the cob, and his warm beet-pepper-bacon-potato salad. We also got fixings for a pitcher of white wine sangria (one bottle chardonnay, one bottle sparkling white wine, one orange, one lemon, two limes, a pint of raspberries, about a pint of strawberries, and about 1/8 cup sugar). It was a fine feast. Soren and A ran around and tired each other out, Eleri didn't do too much grumping, and Tom & I had a nice time visiting with A's parents. After they left, we just kind of took it easy for the rest of the day. Well, Tom went running, but aside from that, we took it easy. There was a brief but intense, and very welcome, rainstorm late in the afternoon.

And with that, another weekend draws to a close. Hopefully these teeth will finish tormenting the kiddos sooner than later!

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