Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Day 112

Day 202

We went a-walking at the mall this morning. I wore Eleri on my back in the pouch for the first time, and it worked out just fine. I'd been worried about her being able to fall asleep without her head lolling back, but she just nestled in against my back and seemed to be quite comfortable. Good deal!

I did a few more segments of my run this evening at higher speeds and increased my distance by almost a tenth of a mile (from 2.81 to 2.89), still running for 28 minutes. My legs are rather a bit more sore afterward, though, so I'll probably drop back to an easier pace again on Friday.

That's really about it for the day. I was kind of tired and out of sorts all day; had a bad dream in the middle of the night that woke me up and then made it hard to fall asleep again, and I never quite managed to shake the specter of it all day. (Don't you hate when that happens?) If anyone knows of some magical way to just stop thinking about something that's bothering you, feel free to share.

At one point this afternoon, I told Soren I needed a time out and went over to the couch to lie down. Instead of leaving me alone like I wanted, he came over to climb on me and give me hugs. At first I was annoyed, but he just smiled at me and snuggled me and I decided I was grateful instead. He can be awfully sweet.

Anyway, I'm hoping tonight will just hit the metaphorical reset button on my brain and things will be better tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I think that what you just did was a great start! Writing about what is bothering me, often results in a feeling of closure, or relief, even if I cannot resolve the problem. Hugs to you from Gramma and Grampa Johnson:)

ml said...

yeah write it down. but if it's a personal thing - maybe better to write in a journal or a piece of paper. but i find it's much easier to stop thinking about stuff when i've written it down.