Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cult of the Froggy Potty

Day 114

Day 204

Some real quick recapping about our field trip this morning, and then we'll get into the potty portion of the post. That way anyone who'd rather not read about the (admittedly hilarious) misadventures of teaching little humans to dispose of their bodily waste in a civilized fashion can cut out early.

Morning! Shoved some food at the boy, packed up a bag with supplies and lunch, and headed for the train. I had tried to time it so we could ride with the rest of our group, who would be getting on the train one stop before us, but they apparently took the train right before the one I thought they were going to be on. So we met them at the museum.

It was a lovely day, especially compared with the recent barrage of muggy nastiness. Not too warm, hardly any humidity, really quite pleasant. We got to the museum not long after it opened, but there was already a line for the toddler play room. So we waited a little while and tried to keep the little miscreants from scampering off every thirty seconds while we held our place in line. Once admitted to the play area, the kids had a grand half hour (even Eleri crawled around on the floor in the reading corner where all the soft pillows are), before we were rushed out by the play room administrator so that the next group of people waiting in line could come in. We fed the kids lunch, and by the time that was all done, it was just about noon. We made our way over to the Information desk in order to buy tickets for the Lego exhibit...only to discover that the next available entry time was 2pm! We didn't think the kids would all hold out for another 2 hours and then be in decent enough moods to behave themselves in the exhibit, so we called it a day. It was a good outing, though, and I'm really glad we went.

My evening run was cut a bit short because I was overtired and not feeling so hot, but I did 2 miles in 20 minutes and then quit. I still think that's pretty good.

Okay. Potty time.

So, a couple of the other kids in the playgroup have these Froggy Potties. They look like this.

This means that, at just about every playdate for the past month or so, there has been at least one Froggy Potty present, quietly smiling away in the corner. Creepy little frog with that beatific smile. You can't fool me. I know what you're thinking.

Soren's used these potties a few times. Sometimes both kids' potties will be there, sitting side by side, and Soren has deemed it necessary to pee in both of them, almost every time he has to go. Because, you know, the potty is always greener...or something.

There have been a few blog posts recently about things people said (before they had kids) that they'd never do as a parent. (Seriously, when you're done here, click through and give those 4 posts a look. Really funny stuff.) One of my own "I Nevers" was this: I will never buy one of those little bucket potties. They are gross, and a crutch, and the little insert seats for the big toilet are far superior." Famous last words...

So here's the thing. Whenever we've done "potty time" with Soren thus far, he's usually been perfectly happy to use the big toilet, but we've always had to remind him. He's never asked to go pee, and though he's been getting better and better about holding it longer between trips to the bathroom, there seems to always come a point where we try to go too long, or he gets distracted and stops caring, and he ends up with wet underpants. It's been difficult to figure out how to get to that next level, to get him to take the initiative and let us know that it's time to go to the bathroom again.

This afternoon, we got home from the museum trip, and I put his underpants on him for potty time. Now, he's had some nature boy tendencies lately, and every once in a while it will be damn near impossible to keep clothes or a diaper on him. So I try not to make a fight about it, let him have his naked time, and then after a few minutes cajole him into putting underpants or a diaper back on. (The nudity itself isn't the issue, but I'm not interested in tracking down and cleaning up little piddle spots on the carpet.) He was doing the naked time thing this afternoon, and after running around for a few minutes and taking a ride on his pony, he trotted over to Eleri's Bumbo and sat down. By the time it occurred to me that this was probably not a good idea, it was too late.

Soren: "I peed!"
Me: "Yes, you did. You peed in the purple chair."
Soren: "That's for sure."


By the time I got that cleaned up and put him back in underpants, he had dragged a large tupperware bin off the coffee table, shimmied out of his underpants again, and was about to sit down in it. I whisked him back to the toilet before he could do any more peeing in inappropriate places, but I did have to begrudgingly admit to myself that he was taking initiative and doing exactly what I've been wanting him to (if not exactly where I'd wanted), and that...perhaps...a little bucket potty of his own would be just the thing he needed to get to the next level of potty training prowess. Every kid is different, every one's a beautiful and unique snowflake, yada yada yada, and maybe this would be what worked for him.

So I put a (cloth) diaper on him, and we went to the store to buy a potty. And of course, not only is the Froggy Potty about the least expensive one available, but Soren already associates it with potty practice at playgroup, and he was pretty jazzed when he saw it on the shelf at the store. So now the Froggy Potty has yet another family of converts, and ours will be able to join his little friends in a line at playgroup.


Did you see the copy on the potty's website?

Potty training is much more fun with a froggy friend! The adorable little green guy is easy for little ones to get on or off independently. There’s an integrated splash guard for boys and a removable bucket that makes for easy cleanup!
Ugh. So cheery I could vomit. Make a note of that last part, about the removable bucket. We'll be getting to that in a minute.

We got home, and I changed the boy back into underpants. I was shocked to discover that his diaper was still dry. Between afternoon traffic and browsing for a couple of other items, we'd been out at the store for over an hour! He must have actually been waiting to pee on his new "froggy friend." (What a welcome introduction to our home.) And pee he did. A lot. And then...remember that removable bucket? Yeah, while we were busy congratulating him on using his new potty like such a big boy, quick as a flash, he lifted that bucket out and poured its contents...right on the carpet. What a great helper. Sigh. (Did I mention my reluctance to buy one of these stupid things? Indeed, my claim that I would never make such a purchase?) Yes, it could have been worse. And yes, maybe...maybe...a little bit of pee on the carpet now is worth not having to keep changing his diapers for another year. If this is what it takes, then I'm in. Even Tom, though, who didn't understand my anti-bucket-potty stance, was visibly aggrieved when the lad dumped the bucket again, a second time, later, after being told that this was not the proper way to clean out the potty.

Anyway. We'll see how it goes from here. I'm hoping for the best! Thanks for sticking around through that whole post. I know I owe you a video from last week, and another for this week. I'll do my darndest to get those up tomorrow. Don't worry, potty videos are not on the agenda.

For now.



ml said...

wow. adventures in mommyhood. i *love* the froggy potty! maybe tom can do some handiwork to attach the bucket more securely, and attach the potty to the floor so soren can't pick it up and dump it out easily?

ACJC said...

hahahahahahaha it's really not funny, but i have this great slow-mo visual...NNNNNOOOOOO!!!! *splash* Maybe you should see if you're allowed to put in tile or something other than carpet. I'm sure the next tenants would appreciate it! ;)

Anonymous said...

Having kids means spills, but Oh my!
No good deed goes unpunished-sometimes twice. Hope that's all anyway.

Grandpa J