Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The good, the bad and the whiny

Day 97

Day 187

Interesting step forward on the potty training front this morning. Not long after a diaper change, Soren darted off toward our bedroom (I assumed, to harass the cats). A minute or so later, he returned to the living room, naked from the waist down, declaring, "I peed in the shower!" Um, okay. Indeed, there was a puddle in the shower, and when I checked his discarded diaper, I found it to be dry. So he had (correctly!) anticipated the need to relieve himself and managed to do so not in his pants. Of course, I'd have preferred the toilet to the shower as his chosen venue of urination, but hey! At the very least, it's progress.

Of course, that was about the extent of the potty training success for the day (later periods of "big boy underpants time" proved less fruitful), but whatever. Baby steps, yo.

Playgroup this morning was meeting at the cool coffee shop that has the train table for kids to play with. We hadn't been there in a while - maybe once since Eleri was born, if that - primarily because Soren tended to get bored with the train table after about 10 minutes and focus his efforts instead on scampering off to places he shouldn't go (like the back store room, where they keep all the cleaning supplies and knives and stuff, or out the front door). I figured we could give it a shot today though, and if worst came to worst, we'd only be a short ways down the road from the rec center and could go to the playground instead. So we went, and he was actually pretty good. Only one mad dash toward the store room and a few attempts to break into the freezer that houses the ice cream bars. I think he was mostly happy that A was back from vacation and could play with him, but he also stayed reasonably well focused on playing with toys. We managed to hang out there a full two hours, which was much better than I had anticipated.

The afternoon was good for a little while. We returned from playgroup, had some lunch, hung out. Eleri had herself an extended freak-out upon crossing into "I need my afternoon nap NOW!" territory, but she eventually fell asleep and stayed that way for a few hours. Soren and I read some books. Before long, though, he started doing rather a lot of whining and misbehaving, which I've been having a harder time tolerating lately. Oh, the whining, how it grates on the nerves! Not my favorite, for sure. And if I'm already on edge from all the whines, my patience for misbehavior drops to about negative twenty. (What are the units of patience? I don't know. Just go with it.) I feel like not a very good mom for losing my shit when he intentionally dumps water on the floor - I mean, really, it's just water - but it's not hard to lose all tolerance for such misdeeds when he's already primed the pump of annoyance, as it were.

Fortunately, when I've just about hit the point where I can take it no more, Tom gets home from ten kid-free hours of work and commute time, so he can take the reins for a little bit. It works out well.

On a happier note, Eleri is becoming a pro at the unsupported sitting. She was a little late to the game (compared with Soren), but she's made astounding progress in the last week or so. It's really very impressive! She's also, I'm pretty sure, signed "milk" at me several more times, with intent. Pretty cool!


MC Squared said...

ROFL @ doggie & chicken quote.

susan said...

So were we ;)